brown eggs became white


8 Years
Sep 1, 2011
Hi.. this is my first post so bear with me... I have a Rhode Is Red/ISA cross 7 moth old hen- laying a brown egg everyday- for the past 3 days her eggs have been completely white. She has also been keeping her left eye closed for the same 3 days. Any thoughts?
Thanks, Laura
The pigmentation of an egg is layed on outside the shell. The shell is normally white in cross-section. It sounds like she is probably near the end of her laying cycle. The eggs normally lighten up then anyway.
I don't know on the eye. Without more detail it could be an injury or a symptom of disease.

i have a rhode island red that her eggs turned almost white, why, i don't know... my other rhode island reds eggs are brown... she was 1 1/2 yrs. old when eggs turned white....... as far as 1 eyed closed, i'd say she likes you and is winking at ya!!!!!
A single hen can have a lot of variation in the color of her eggs. My Welsummer lays deep terracotta orangey-brown with dark brown spots, but sometimes the eggs are orange, sometimes plain old brown (always with the spots). She laid some lighter ones just before she stopped for her molt. Mostly genetics determines white vs. brown eggs, but I wouldn't rule out hormonal or environmental factors. As for the eye, I'd catch her and give it a gander. Is it crusty & stuck shut? Is her face arund it swollen? Are there bubbles in the corners of the eye? These are all things that can be a sign of disease or injury, and it may be best to nip it in the bud.
I read eggs going white may idicate the chicken has worms- haven't de wormed them yet. Has anyone used Piprazine for this? Will food grade diatematious earth take care of existing worms or only for prevention? Is it necessary to deworm free range chickens? If so how often?
Thanks, Laura
Her eye is not crusty or stuck but the skin around it is just a tiny bit thicker and whiter than her other one. No bubbles.
Try to get her to close the other eye instead and see if she lays a green egg.

ok. I was completely useless, but hopefully it caused someone to smile.

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