Brown eggs w/white speckles?

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    Mar 29, 2016
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    A few of my girls have recently starting laying, and I have identified (99% sure) the layers as my SS, BR and RIR. My BR has consistently been eggs like the laying the bottom egg in the pic (hard to see, but there are white speckles.) Top egg was the first laid by the RIR (and I'm 100% sure that was the RIR), and today I think she laid the 2nd from the bottom. What causes eggs to be brown with white speckles??
    I'm still waiting on my BO, GLW, SFH, and BLP to start laying, so maybe the second from the bottom was one of them?
    Any insight would be appreciated!


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    My Barred rocks do the same thing as yours. It is not an abnormality in your chickens.
    Mine lay various colors of speckled eggs at times, I don't worry about it and the eggs are fine.
    Mother nature only knows why this happens.
    Barry (Farmer Sparky)
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    Brown eggs are actually white eggs, with a brown 'coating' applied. Sometimes the coating won't get coated completely. Sometimes it might get too much coating. It's all normal.
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    If there eggs are speckled go to a store if you haven't already and buy a bag of shell grit it helps there shell of your chickens eggs become stronger and the speckled go all you do is either out it in there food or just where they dig but good size eggs
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    Ditto Dat^^^ and sometimes the cuticle(or bloom) is thick and uneven and can make lighter colored speckles on top of the brown coating.

    Oyster shell can helps with the hardness of the egg shell itself, but has nothing to do with coating or bloom coloration.
    Oyster shell should not be mixed into feed but be in a separate container always available.
    Welcome to BYC!

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