brown eggs


9 Years
Oct 28, 2010
we have 7 hens that lay brown eggs
our problem. how does to go about getting the shell off
of a hard boiled egg. they membrane will not let go. cannot get a hard cooked egg
that is presentable for deviled eggs/
any suggestions
have tried
flash cooling in a pan of ice water
cooking in vinegar
letting water cool naturally
placing them back in fridge. after cooking
but before peeling.
I think older eggs work better for hard-boiling, it is easier to get the shell off. We've discovered that with our nice fresh eggs from our chickens, it is very difficult to get the shell off if we hard-boil them. When they are stored in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks, it is usually easier to remove the shell.

Hope this helps,

I put salt in the water ,when i boil eggs, i start with cold water with the egss in as soon as it starts to boil turn them off then cover let sit ten mins then put in cold water, and peel I dont have any sticking
I crack them as soon as I pour the hot water off them and soak them in cold water immediately. And boil in salt water. Don't let them set more than a couple of minutes before peeling.

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