Brown leghorn owners...questions!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Jeffross1968, Jul 5, 2011.

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    May 14, 2011
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    I have 3 brown leghorns that we purchased about 6 or 7 weeks ago. They were supposedly all 8 months old, but I'm starting to question that. I'm wondering how big of a breed they are. They haven't seemed to grow much since we got them. One seems very small for an egg laying age hen (and in fact, she isn't laying). One of them has a big comb, but the other have small ones. And out of all 3, I'm maybe getting 4 to 5 eggs a week, and I was under the impression they were good layers.

    They all eat and drink well. I've noticed that they all are kind of sneezy. Have been since we got them. I see no fluid from the eyes or nostrils though. Everything seems normal, except that they aren't laying as expected, and seem smallish.

    I'd like to hear from some current or previous owners of this breed about your experiences. Below are a couple pictures of two of them. The last picture "kind of" shows just how small they are compared to the 5 month olds we just got, though, I understand different breeds...different sizes.


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    I don't have a pic to post but my BL hen is a good sized bird, roughly the size of my big barred rock hen and my buff orp. Yours might just need a little more time to mature.
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    May 14, 2011
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    They just don't seem to have matured at all in the time we've had them. Not sure what to think at this point.
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    Not much experience here, but wanted to add that my 2 white leghorns are much smaller than the 5 NHR's I have. They are much sleeker,and not at tall. MY NHR's are more full bodied. They are not alot shorter but they are a little. But the body size is a real difference.

    Good Luck with your new additions !!

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