brown leghorn roo w/ white ears and feathers w/ pics


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Jul 21, 2010
excuse my ignorance, this is my first go round raising chickens and I'm curious of my young brown leghorn rooster is supposed to have white ears and is getting white tail feathers, is this normal?


If you can locate an old Standard of perfection book,look at the feather parts.What you are seeing is the under-fluff,or under-color,the web is the surface color and the shaft is the center part.The flights and tails are stiff and quills are large. Hope this helps.In your brown Leghorn,looks to be a S.C.Dark Brown,this is part of the back/saddle section.The more saddle ,the less brake at the jucture of the tail.This make the continued concave sweep or back outline.
thanks for the info! Eddie just started crowing last weekend, I think he's just a beautiful bird. Here's a photo of him and his ladies....

//i think the buff orpington might be a roo aswell


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S.C. means "single comb" correct? do dark browns have that much orange neck typically? I was hoping he was a light brown leghorn.
He is still young and has not grown all his adult feathers yet. His coloring will improve as he becomes more mature, definitely after his first molting.

I think he's a light brown, he looks like the ones I used to have. Got them from Ideal Hatchery.
I do see the orange in the hackle,but he seems to be dark elsewhere (mahogany red).So he could be a dark or a light,or perhaps the Danish Brown Leghorn?Perhaps more time will help determine as juvenille plumage often is different than adult.Yes S.C. is single comb.

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