Brown Leghorn x EE?

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    Im debating with my dad weather we should fertilize eggs from our Brown Leghorn rooster and a few of our EE hens. We dont really care if they come out in funny colors hahaha. We would just like to know if the egg production would increase or not. As of now our EE's lay 3 to 4 eggs a week .... would that number go up with the offspring? Oh and if they lay blue and greenish eggs would the egg color stay that way?
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    Presuming the brown leghorns are more productive then your EEs then I'd gamble that the offspring might be more productive & their eggs will probably be larger. Most often the blue egg gene is inherited with the pea comb. It would be a reasonable to assume that most of the pea combed female offspring would be blue/green egg layers. There is sometimes a gene in white egg layers which makes the shell colour lighter, this can sometimes give a sort of dove grey colour egg.
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    I have a mutt that I believe may be a leghorn X EE. She has a pea comb, mostly white ear lobes, green legs, a slender body build, and a basically columbian pattern but with some bleed-through of red on her body. She lays an egg almost every day. Takes maybe 1-2 days off per month max. The egg is so pale that you might think it is white. But when you hold it right next to a truly white egg, you can see that it is a very faint greyish green.

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