Brown Leghorns vs. Rhode Island Reds

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    I am considering either Brown Leghorns or Rhode Island Red Layers. What are the pros and cons of each? Which should I choose? Also, is there a layer breed that would be able to live in the same run/coop as Cornish Rock Broilers, or is this a bad idea? I don't want two separate coops/runs but want breakfast and dinner :)

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    Broilers and layers are not easily housed together because the management of both is very different - depending on the approach you choose to take with your broilers (traditional fast finish or extended grow-out). Traditional broiler grow out time is anywhere from 8-16 weeks (depending on whether you opt for Cornish Cross or slower broilers) and is built around a feed program that differs from feeding layers. If you opt to go the slower route of finishing the broilers which includes a lot of free range time vs. confinement you could potentially manage both groups together but it would still depend on the numbers of each and the amount of space you have to allot to them.
    An alternative to having two coops/runs is to run the broilers in a tractor setup which can be done fairly easily and inexpensively - and then a traditional coop/run for your layer flock.

    Another option is to choose dual purpose breeds (the BL are definitely not as their body is too light to be satisfactory in meat production) which function both as egg producers and meat. They are slower to mature to processing size than broilers, but for overall management and longevity of your flock being self-sustaining with breeding to provide more layers and more meat birds (you can process both old layer hens and all excess cockerels) it works out.

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