brown leghorns????


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Aug 16, 2008
I bought these and they are supose to be pullets but i have no idea what the breed is. I am thinking and hoping they are brown leghorns.


No I don't.
1. they are wicked flighty
2. scared "poopless"
3. are fast scrawny little buggers
4. they are wild
5. No matter how hard you try to contain them they will escape and hide their eggs somwhere you can't find them.
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I have only one, the only one Ive ever had, she is a pullet of 10 weeks. I got her as a set of two as hatchlings, the other one died of unknown causes a few weeks ago, but She is sweet and will fly up and perch on my arm or shoulder whenever i open her cage., my white leghorns are very flighty but not as much as my americauna hen.
95% of my leghorns are spazzes too.

My rosecomb browns will not come near me, neither will my SC light browns, my SC Browns from Germany don't really care either way. With the SC Reds the hens are indifferent and the roos a bit on the freaky side once caught.
My original pair of exchquers(sandhill stock) are total freaks, so are all their offspring. With my Ideal Exchequers the roos are super friendly and the hens don't care and treat you like you are not there(wont freak when picked up either).

My Leghorns are all a joy to have until you try to catch them, then they are flighty and once you do have a hold of one it might not stop screaming until you let it go..... mine are all severely clipped so no hopping the fence and hiding eggs on me for those girls.

Either way, as spastic as they are, I LOVE them, esspecially since I got such a nice colourful flock of them too. Nice reliable layers as well.

Am hoping to get my hands on some Silvers next year.

I love my leghorns too. I like to just look and them. My roo is crazy towards me and the girls squat when I go to pick them
I say those are def. brown leghorns cause I have some that are a little younger than yours I think. Mine are a week old today.

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