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    I am offering sets of 9 labels (one page) you can order as many pages as you wish or as few!

    These are printed on brown labels, These pictures are just demos i have created. I well be working on creating more labels once the software is updated.


    These labels can included custom graphics. Your Logo or anything else they are 2 1/2 inch in Diamiter and fit on almost all egg cartons (fit best on flat top).

    These well also be good for branding your own products! They would be good for jam jars, boxs for soap and much more! They have a "krafty" feel to them. They are thick labels and do not feel flimsy at all. They seem to hold on for ever!

    I well calculate shipping for each order. Should not be more then a few dollors.

    Take a look at the labels i did for my shipping envelopes:


    Look out soon for our Chicken stickers and Custom stickers coming soon!

    To order please email [email protected] (if you order though BYC you save 0.25 on a set of labels) working on a coupon [​IMG]
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