Brown Runny Poo


9 Years
Apr 3, 2010
West Haven
A few of my chickens have mustard colored runny poo. They all quit laying for a few days and have just started picking it back up.
I forgot that I shouldn't and was feeding them too much chicken scratch, and I'm sure that's got something to do with it but am a little worried about the runny poo that I'm seeing. It's more than one chicken out of 22 because I'm seeing a lot of it, looks to be about 3-4 from the amount of it.
Any ideas what's going on?
No change in food or location, they don't free range so no outside influences there. We did dump some grass clippings in with them two weeks ago but I thought that would have gone through their system already.


11 Years
Jun 24, 2008
BC Canada
Don't know Tamrajh, but maybe it will pass. Seems to me I had brown runny poop in the past with my flock and it cleared itself up. Something that can be good to do anytime and also when there are problems is put a little apple cider vinegar (the kind with the "mother") in the drinking water.

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