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May 22, 2016
I can't seem to find Brown Sussex. I am looking for help on how to recreate it. I know I can get buff and red. Just not for sure what to cross without using the speckled. Thank you
Sharpe created the Light Sussex. He wrote a book called " the book of the Sussex" ,which you can read for free at Hathitrust Digital Library.
I believe he discusses the creation of the brown Sussex in it .
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British Poultry Standards
by William White Broomhead.
Publisher: 1910 .
Brown Sussex is mentioned but not yet approved by the Club ,so not in the book.
the Brown Sussex is ultra rare today and I don't think it's Standard has changed since then. By 1922 folk are calling the Brown as a separate variety.
Early on they called the Red Sussex and the Brown Sussex the same variety . but the Brown Sussex did eventually become its own variety and later on you will see it referred as such, as here in 1910.
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Okay try this. grab a search engine and look up" the Sussex fowl Lewis family farm .: . this is a really nice PDF of the book by Sharpe.
I'm looking at the interesting history of the Brown Sussex and I'm looking at the pictures. this looks a lot like a Wheaten Marans in color. I do believe this is a Wheaten colored bird not a bird of red extraction . very interesting. look at the picture of the Brown Sussex hen. Now look up a picture of a Wheaten Marans hen and put them side-by-side .
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Hi everyone, thank you so much for the information. I will definitely look into that today. I appreciate any help. I am hoping in a few years to have created my dream bird, Brussbar. The avian flu shut down my only chance of just buying them last year. Here I sit playing scientist! Thank you again
Maybe check into the genetics and use Wheaten Marans with the unwanted Mahogany gene to sub for the Brown Sussex? You need to converse with Marvin in color genetics. He is nicalandia here in byc.
Ok, thank you so much. I will see what I can come up. :caf For the love of chickens!!

I've done a research on Brown Sussex, and they are basically Speckled Sussex based(god s+, e+ e allele) but lacking Mottling and the columbian restrictor. so getting rid of those genes is in order and You could start with Welsummer x Speckled Sussex cross, Take the best looking F1 pair and bree them, hoping to leave out both unwanted genes..

Do you have access to Silver Sussex? I think they have a lovely color and would look amazing in a gold tone, they are Birchen based(ER) and will look very close to brown Sussex

Edit. What Sussex base do you have?
Well I am looking to recreate the Brussbar both gold and silver. It will take time but I am only lacking the brown Sussex. I do not have any sussex at this time. I want to make sure I have the right poultry lined up to recreate the Brussbar. Thank you so much for information.

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