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  1. mamading

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    Jun 2, 2007
    Rhinelander, WI
    Ok, I need everyone's opinion on this. Do brown eggs taste different compared to white eggs? My two sisters and I are debating this. I personally don't think there is a difference, but they both disagree with me.

    So..... what do you all think?[​IMG]
  2. MissPrissy

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    May 7, 2007
    Forks, Virginia
    They are all the same on the inside. My eggs always taste the same either brown or white. Commercial white eggs vs. an organic brown egg will most likely taste alot different.
  3. 4H kids and mom

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Southern Wisconsin
    You can tell your sisters that the egg shell color makes no difference in the taste, quality, or nutritional value of the egg. The reason some chickens lay white eggs and some lay brown, and some lay blue is simple because THEY are different colored.

    To put this in terms you can easily win your debate with, think of humans. A 'white' family will have a 'white' child. A 'brown' family will have a 'brown' child. Would those two children really be any different on the inside? No.

    The fact is that ALL eggs will taste the same (pretty much) wether they are chicken eggs, guinea hen eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, or emu eggs. The only real differences you will ever notice are if you take a store bought egg and compare it to an egg from a free range hen. The yolks of the free range hens are bright and orange and stand tall and proud. The whites are clear and firm and hold the yolk tight in place. In the store bought egg, the yolk is a sad pale yellow that easily moves around freely and the white are runny and sometimes leaning towards opaque, mostly because by the time they reach the shelves for us they are 3 weeks old or older. (No joke either.)

    Tell your sisters not to fret, color is only shell deep. [​IMG]
  4. mlheran

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    4H is right; the only difference in taste you will find in an egg is the difference between one you get from under a hen and one you get from a store shelf. The color makes no difference aside from asthetic preference. btw, in the UK almost all factory eggs are brown since that's what they like -somewhere along the line we Yanks decided that white was "better." To me, the only egg that is "best" is the one that comes from a happy hen. [​IMG]
  5. chrissieg

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    I have to argue here........if you have a favourite hen her sggs always taste the best!!!!!!! [​IMG]
  6. lurky

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    Jun 4, 2007
    Western MA
    I dont know if it all in my head [​IMG] .......but i feel that the shells of white eggs seem thinner. I feel that when you crack open a white egg it shatters easier and you end up with more shell pieces to try to pick out.... increasing the chances of missing one and biting it in your food [​IMG] . I HATE biting an egg shell more than anything else i can think of [​IMG] . So these are my observations on white lock me up [​IMG]

    BTW....notice they could not even keep this little piece out of the icon.......crunch! [​IMG] its because they are everywhere!
  7. mamading

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    Jun 2, 2007
    Rhinelander, WI
    Thanks everyone!!
    I completely agree.
    As a matter of fact I told them that when they come to visit me I will cook them two eggs, one white and one brown and I bet them that they wouldn't know the difference. The thing is though that my girls won't be laying until this fall so we'll have to wait for those results on how that turns out.
    I know why they think this way. When we were kids our neighbor gave us some of his chicken's brown eggs. Now, we had only been eating store bought white eggs up until that morning. Well of course the eggs from our neighbor were different! (better in my opinion). I'm the oldest of us girls and I actually thought they tasted better. But they were younger and picky. LOL

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