Browns Mills, n.j. here.


6 Years
Sep 14, 2013
Hello to everyone! A friend has offered to start me into backyard chickens life with a chicken from her flock. I would love to get into this. Cannot wait to get my coop set up. So many questions!
could she give you two instead - chickens are flock animals and do best with at least one buddy.
Welcome to BYC
I agree with the above, rather start of with at least 2 chickens. You can always get more later and you're probably going to, once you discover how much fun they are! There are some lovely coop designs in the Coops section, if you're the DIY type. Also have a browse through the Learning Center and the Frequently Asked Questions for site and chicken related questions and answers. Enjoy!
I am looking for chicks to buy in the cooks town nj area, does anyone know of a place with multiple breeds for sale near by?

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