BR's face, waddles, and comb have gone dark brick red?


8 Years
May 14, 2011
Smoky Mountains
My BR was normal, until after being in the laying box for a couple hours without laying an egg. She came out of the box and has been seemingly eating fine, but her face, waddles, and comb have turned a really, dark brick red. We've had her since May and have never seen this kind of color on her before. Is there anything worrisome about seeing her turn this color? I've experienced them going pale, but never the other direction. She's normally just a nice red....
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Her normal color is more of a fire engine red...the typical bright red you'd expect on a healthy bird. This was way darker. I guess like a very dark red mixed with dark blue. Almost purple...certainly nothing we've seen from her in the 8 months we've owned her.
Going darker (in the blue direction) likely means that she's not carrying enough oxygen in her blood. I am not an expert, so I hope others chime in here. If she was really pushing for a long time, she'll likely get back to normal soon enough (I don't know how long it's been since you noticed or re-checked). If she's not back to normal color, then I'd start to suspect a respiratory issue. You might want to go to the sticky at the top of this forum and fill out the info, then repost here. That would help.

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