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Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Scott16475, Nov 8, 2014.

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    I planted Brussels Sprouts for the first time this spring so I'm a complete newby on the veggie but I have a question regarding whether or not to leave them in the ground now that it's turning cold.

    I live in the Minneapolis Minnesota metro and we are expected to see quite a bit of snow this coming Monday and highs for the next week are to be in the 20's with lows reaching near zero. Normally I wouldn't think BS would survive those temps but with a possible deep snowpack expected (some reports say 3-6 inches, others 4-8, while others are expecting 10+"), is it possible with enough snow they will be insulated from the bitter cold?

    I planted the BS a little later than I should so they aren't yet ready to harvest (some are getting close!) and we will be really disappointed if we have to uproot them before we're able to harvest any. If we do get only 3 inches, I'm guessing that won't be enough to insulate them from the bitter cold and they will end up dying, correct? Even with enough snowpack, what keeps the actual sprout from freezing and dying above the snow?

    I suppose I can simply take a chance and be happy if they survive or be disappointed if they die. Anyone else grow BS in a colder snowier climate? Any thoughts?

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    I would leave them in the ground. Mulch them with leaves and straw and see if you can coax a little more out of them. You might get them to come back next year so mark where they are and don't disturb the dirt next spring.
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    Great ideas. Thank you for the response!!

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