BTW Japanese Bantam Splash Silkie Cross

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    Sep 3, 2013
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    I have a Japanese bantam X silkie rooster for sale. he is part of my 'Jappie' breeding program, but now I have too few hens for 2 roos and I have to sell one.

    My boy, Indie, hatched on independence day of 2014, and is still young and growing. hes been through 2 molts and his tail is still growing. he is super sweet and handled often.
    the rest of his siblings hatched out black or white. he was one of the 3 white chicks that hatched, and I had 3 other black ones that hatched. he carrys the gene for both colors.

    these were his parents:

    at the moment hes living in the 'bachelor pad'.

    Please let me know if your interested, and DM me.
    im located in the Fuquay/holly springs area and im willing to meet halfway :)
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    Where are u located

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