Bubbles and watery eye


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Aug 8, 2019
I recently noticed that my 8-ish month old turkey has been having a watery eye and sometimes there will be bubbles in it. It's only 1 of his eyes and I do not own any other birds, I've only noticed it about 4 days ago and no other problems are going on with him, no smelly breath (just smells like his feed) no lethargy or change in appetite he seems completely normal besides around his eye looking kinda sore/swollen and watery. I've been rinsing around his eye with a wet towel to get rid of the stickiness. I don't know if this could be an infection or from a injury from one of our other pets (cat and dog)
But if I need to get any medication for him I'll try to see if I can get any, I'm just not sure what I would need
Thanks in advance.

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