Bubbles from rooster eye


Mar 22, 2018
My rooster had bubbles coming from one eye. He was attacked by a peacock last week. When he breathes the bubbles come out when he exhales. He's stopped eating. I washed it with saline solution but it just came back. Is there something i cam do to help him or should i take him to the vet


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Hi @Ros :frow Welcome To BYC

Vet care is always best.

I don't believe I've ever heard of bubbles coming from the eyes when a bird exhales. Does he have any trouble breathing?
@casportpony @Eggcessive

Since he was attacked by your peacock, I would think injury is the cause of the eye being this way. Flushing with saline is a good idea, you can also apply an ophthalmic ointment to the eye like Terramycin or Vetericyn after you have cleaned the eye.

Does your rooster have any other injuries? Since he has stopped eating, he is not in good shape. Try to get him hydrated first, add some poultry vitamins to his water. Once he is drinking, then re-introduce some wet feed.

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