Bubbles in the eye? Any ideas?

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    I have an eight week old bronze hen that I noticed had a swollen eye. When I examined it more closely, the eye had bubbles in it, as if they were forming from the tear duct. The other turkeys had been pecking at it of course, so I sent the bird to the hospital brooder. Last night (24 hrs later), the swelling had subsided but there weree still a few bubbles. Today, swelling is back and there are still a few bubbles. She may have sneezed once, but otherwise does not seem to be having any other troubles. She eats and drinks well.

    Any thoughts?
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    I am not sure....maybe someone will chime in...
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    Post shots if possible (one pic `beak on' so as to compare degree/location of swelling with unaffected side of face. One lateral shot - involved side of face; hopeful swelling is owing to acute trauma & subsequent localized infection). Our jakes/toms would occasionally injure one another's eyes/`duct work'. The resulting drainage from nares was clear and formed nearly transparent crust on beaks below nares; `bubbles' did form in `corners' of eyes, but was whitish foam (looked like whipped egg white) easily removed by irrigating with saline eye drops and decreased in amount as injury healed.

    Anatomy and pathology: http://partnersah.vet.cornell.edu/avian-atlas/ Search by LESION Location/Infraorbital Sinus (not for squeamish).
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