Bubbly eye and gunk on earlobe

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    I have a rooster whose eye is very bubbly today. I just noticed it today, he also has some brownish gunk on the feathers over his earlobe. He seems fine otherwise, no wheezing, coughing or nasal drainage. He was pecked in the eye when he was younger, and that eye has been weird since then, but that was quite some months ago. The eye does seem a tad bit swollen, but it's hard to tell since that eye has always been weird after being pecked. I'm not sure what his poo looks like yet. He will be separated, so that I can monitor him better.

    It's a bit hard to see, but in the front corner of his eye you can see the bubbles, and you can see the stuff on his feathers as well.

    It was hard to try and get a frontal shot, but you can see his eye looks swollen too, it has always kind of looked swollen, but it seems more noticable now.

    I wouldn't be worried about the eye if it wasn't for the earlobe gunk, which to me makes it seem like an infection of some sort. Should I use saline and flush his eye out? What would be the best antibiotic to give him to treat the possible infection/illness he may have?

    ETA: I've seen several posts about eye issues with birds on here too, some mentioned about combs looking dried out. His comb seems fine, the very end tip looks a bit discolored and dry, nothing more than normal though. He is in with another roo though, whose comb is looking a lot more discolored on the end tip and dried out.
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    i was told by Doc. Brown if a chicken has an ear infection to pull back the feathers over his ear and look inside. If it is infected you will see a brown/yellowish plug in there that you need to pull out but i don't remember how he said to treat it. I would probably start him on some Tylan or Oxytetracycline or at least give him some water with vinegar and vitamins and keep a close eye on him.
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    I checked the ear, the side by the bad eye has some around the opening, and the other one is plugged. I'm not sure how to get it out/off without pushing it into his ear though. He is not very co-operable, just trying to look at them was difficult :\
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