Bubbly Eye in 4 Week Old Chick

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Some Weeks Ago One of My Chicks Developed an Eye Problem which Led it To be Blind From One Eye
Well Now Her Eye Is Just Cloudy.......I posted it on BYC and no one knew what this was then i asked my local live animal store and they had said it was something they had never seen before
So now it has got even more serious! About 2 days ago another one of my chicks got infected and i developing bubbles in the eye and the skin around the eye has shrugged! What is This????? Pictures Are Enclosed

(P.S. My Sis Helped Me Out )
It may be a respiratory infection. Did your chickens have a Mareks vaccination as day old chicks? Bubbles usually mean infection, but cloudy blind eye can mean Mareks disease. The eye looks a little swollen. She may need antibiotics such as Tylan, tetracycline, or erythromycin. Here is so info on diseases: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044
Looks like a respiratory infection. I would get some Oxytetracycline (sold under names like Tetroxy HCA-280, Duramycin, Terramycin, etc.) or powdered Tylan50 and begin treating your chicks, as respiratory diseases can spread fast. Both antibiotics can usually be found at a livestock supply store or ordered online. The Oxytetracycline (I'm going to abbreviate it OTC) dosage is 1 teaspoon OTC per gallon of drinking water for 7-14 days. I'm not sure of the powdered Tylan50 dosage, but you can probably find it out by searching BYC or the Internet, or by waiting for a more experienced person's reply. Don't give probiotics, dairy products (milk, yogurt, etc.), or Apple Cider Vinegar during treatment. Also, even if you see improvement after 3-5 days, continue for the entire recommended duration or the disease might come back.

After treatment, build your chicks strength up again by giving vitamins/electrolytes and possibly probiotics in their water. Make sure they eat plenty by giving them treats like scrambled eggs, moistened chick feed, and applesauce.

The cloudiness, as Eggcessive mentioned, could be cause by Marek's. Or, it could be some sort of result of this respiratory disease.
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