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    Feb 10, 2011
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    I have done my research and most threads point to MG. I got these as hatchery day-olds. They are 24 weeks old. A few weeks ago one of the hens had a swollen eye, but no bubbles, no nasal discharge, no smell, no gaping, no wheezing, nothing, seemed otherwise perfectly happy. I figured she got pecked in the eye. I have a roo the same age that seems to be confused about where to grab them and goes after them from the front so I didn't think about it at all. Then a few weeks later I pulled a tick off another hens lower eyelid (hers was swollen as well, but without discharge and obvious cause... or so I thought). Now I have another hen with a swollen eye and some bubbles in it (clear, no pus). It is only in the one eye and besides the bubbles she has no discharge, no sneeze, no wheezing, no malodor, no drooping, she has a good appetite, is laying well, and is doing her usual kooky running around. I brought her in, cleaned it, put some neosporin on it, and have been observing. I am going to check inside her top beak for crust, but she hasn't had any nasal discharge, so I doubt there is anything there. I did just add some bedding to the coop yesterday (pine shavings).

    I keep a closed flock (no breeding, no egg sales, no showing) and am pretty careful about not tracking in any cooties, but I live in an area surrounded by woodlands and marsh and protected "birdwatching" lands. We have wild turkeys around all the time and copious other wildlife. I would have to change my shoes at the coop door and never let them out of the coop to keep them from being exposed to the various creatures around. The kids are all over the place on their bikes and my dog in into everything.

    Does it sound like MG, some other disease, or some other irritant?

    On an unrelated note, I found this while researching, probably not what my hen has but a great video on how to remove eye worms... just crazy that it can grow in there like that btw: .
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    If it's not an environmental issue and if there isnt any foul odor about the nostrils/head area (coryza)...I'd have to agree with your assessment that it's possibly MG. To tell for sure, bloodwork would have to be taken by a vet and analyzed. You can use denagard to treat MG, there isnt any resistance to it as with other antibiotics such as tylan and baytril. There isnt any withdrawal neither. Birds will remain carriers, therefore you have to give them the preventative dose once monthly for 3 days. You can type 'denagard' in the BYC search box and read up on it if you wish.
    It can be purchased from QC Supply. Here's a link about denagard:

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