"Buckbeak" says, time out!


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So you know how some parents seem to think that their children are the best at everything, well..... Has anyone else seen their rooster do this "master flock managing"? My one & only flock rooster (an Ameraucana), Buckbeak, is brilliant, just brilliant, really! He makes every hen that comes into the coop do a "time out" in a corner, he gently tells & shows them how to put their head in the corner & bow before walking around the coop, I guess it means behave yourself. The other day he had 3 hens doing this, like a circus ring master.

This behavior just started after the broody hen was having fights with a hen/s that got too close to or even looked at her chicks, even though they are behind protective wire. I was hoping to hear from someone else that their roo has shown this behavior with his gals or some other behavior to keep the squabbling down & keep peace. Best wishes.

I posted prior about how the broody & chicks were doing at this site & included the rooster. https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/todays-the-day-chick-mingling.1227065/#post-19676454 rules by Buckbeak.jpg


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I have heard of roosters having funny behavior before but definitely haven't heard of anything like that! Lol! My roo is 15-16 weeks already crowing but I think he is still convinced to behave like a pullet.

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