Buckeye breed

Well, I have heard they do fine in the heat. I think as long as you give them some shade and cool water most any breed would do fine.
They are a excellent dual purpose breed.
This subject came up on the Buckeye Club a while ago. Mine do fine in very hot, dry heat. Someone on the Club said they do fine but need shade & water at all times.

I've not lost a Buckeye to the heat and humidity. The summers are definitely worse than the winters for them here in the South, but they get along as well as the other breeds. Buckeyes are a very hardy breed. Give them plenty of shade & water as said. Also, on the hottest days and nights I run a fan in the coop (on the nest boxes and across their roosts if I can. I try not to bother any of my birds in mid-day humid heat.

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