Buckeye Breeding set - 1 cockerel, 2 pullets, 2 hens


12 Years
Aug 23, 2007
Columbus, IN
Buckeye Breeding set from one of the premiere flocks in the nation! 2010 hatched cockerel and 2 pullets, 2 hens from 2009. These are breeding birds - not in perfect condition for show but will make excellent parent stock for next year's chicks.

go to:


to see pictures of the parents.

I will not ship these birds, so pickup in Columbus, Indiana or I will deliver to shows I am attending this fall - provided payment is made in full before.

Matt John
Shady Lane Poultry
812 603-7722
As addendum, I just got back from the Green River Poultry Show in Kentucky today, a Buckeye cockerel that is a hatchmate with the one for sale here won Reserve American!

Wish you were closer!
Just logged on and it looks like the sale is over? I am in Ohio and very interested in your Buckeyes...........Please let me know if they are available or there are others available. I currently have New Hampshires and Banty Buff Cochins and have thought very seriously about the Buckeyes since I want to work on fine tuning a Heritage breed. I have 4 granddaughters with one just old enough to start in 4-H. What a great thing if I could get her started with Buckeyes - plus our Ohio winters are a little rough on the combs for my NH roos!
Thank you!
Janis Montgomery
Montpelier, OH
Cell # 419-630-7100
Home # 419-485-5330

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