Buckeye Rooster in Central AZ needs rehoming

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    I have a nice Buckeye rooster who needs a new home. I also have a Welsummer rooster and they got along okay ( a little hackle raising) until last weekend. Horrible fight. Buckeye rooster Bucky didn't have a scratch. Tammany the Welsummer didn't fare so well and is in chicken hospital, but doing well. I got into this for eggs, insect control and fertilizer, but realize if I am going to free range, having a rooster is not a bad idea. We have already had a bobcat attack and the ruckus made by the roosters allowed me to get down to the run and coop in time to save one of my girls. So I am sold on the idea of having a rooster... but not two.
    Bucky is about 8 months old, does not attack people, and is good at protecting the girls and sharing tidbits he finds with them. Tammany the Welsummer is kind of a pain in the butt, crows way too much and occasionally attacks us lightly and I grab him and he calms right down. As a matter of fact, he likes to being held and petted. He really has a funny personality and I don't think other people might be able to handle him. So I think Bucky has to go.

    If you are into dual purpose birds and breeding your own, Bucky might be a good prospect. He is very big and meaty for his age. I just want to make sure he goes to a good home, instead of to a cock fighting outfit, which might happen if I post him on Craigslist. After last weekend, I think he might be a prime candidate!

    If interested in Bucky and you are in the Verde Valley, Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff area of AZ send me an email. Bucky is for free to a good home.

    Older chick ([email protected])


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