bucking broncos


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Mar 29, 2008
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I changed my flocks around and put just one cockerel in with my copper blacks, and I keep seeing him try to breed, but the hens sort of wander off dragging him by the beak with their hackle feathers, or they halfway squat and when he is just trying to get right, they tip their tails up and he goes over the front. I don't often see him make a good connect. I guess I could just incubate the eggs to see... how come the hens are not very cooperative? They like a different roo that they can see, are they holding out for him? I have three CB roos and am trying to use them in rotation so I sort of know who is the "baby daddy" for the chicks I am want to hatch.


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May 24, 2007
Some hens 'require' that the Roo proves he's manly enough to be a daddy and make it more difficult for him. I have one hen that attacked my Roo anytime he comes near her, he never quits try though and stands up to her attacks. A few days ago I saw him actually 'do the deed' with her so his continual attempts finally paid off.

The actual 'deed' takes literally just a second, so often it looks like the Roo hasn't accomplished anything but he really did.

I also brought a Roo into my flock once and my hens hated him. They all attacked him for two weeks, I finally rehomed him as my girls just weren't impressed. That poor guy spent his entire time trying to get away from nine angry girls.

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