Bucky (BR cross roo) mate him with Midnight (Black Ameraucana hen)

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  1. M To The Maxx

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    Jul 24, 2009
    This is my BR cross roo.


    This is Midnight my Black Ameraucana hen.

    I have seen some of Specklehen's BEAUTIFUL Barred EEs and will probably be getting some eggs fom her in the spring. But I have a question. Since Bucky has the barring trait if I mated him with my Black Ameraucana hen Midnight is it possible to make my own Barred EEs even though Bucky is not a pure BR? I have seen that Bucky has mated with her already and I have 1 or 2 of Midnight's eggs under my broody right now so time will tell. But BYC is so helpful! Thanks for any info! Have a nice day or night! Where ever you live! [​IMG]
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  2. speckledhen

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    It's possible, sure. Bucky will most likely pass on his barring gene to his chicks and their daughters should lay some shade of green egg, though genes can be funny things sometimes. Looks like you have the makings of Barred EEs, Maxx.

    ETA: if Midnight was with another rooster within the last three weeks, it's also possible that another rooster would be the sire of the chicks. Sorry, can't recall how long you've had her.
  3. M To The Maxx

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    Jul 24, 2009
    Quote:Good to know. Dixie is sitting on 1 or 2 of her eggs Speckledhen! We will have to see!
  4. draye

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Quote:Did you get any barred chicks from this mating?

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