Budgies wont breed!

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    Hi everyone! So i have a 2 tame budgies- a male rainbow spangle budgie that is 3 years old that has been with a blue and white lacewing female that is 1 and a half years old and they have been together for around a year and a bit now so they are definitely paired for sure as they feed each other sleep together ect but my only problem is that the male can preen her but sometimes she gets a bit ratty with him i wouldnt say aggressive at all because she hasnt bitten him or hurt him for the year they have been together but every time the male gets exited and does the fancy dance and talk she tells him to go away and wont let him mate? They are both certainly in breeding condition as the male has the most dark blue nose and the female has a very dark tanned brown nose that is crusty. They have a breeding cage they have recently been put into for the first time with a nest box, all the other times was just a spaceous cage with a nest box but in it. In the breding cage and before its all the sighns im looking for, for them to breed but she is just not letting him mate with her. Any advice or tips will be greatly apreciated! Thanks!

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