Buff Ameraucana Cockerel


11 Years
Jun 18, 2008
Lennon, Michigan
This is a 5 month old Ameraucana cockerel. I have two others in different colors and have no hens for this one. And he LOVES hens! I prefer not to ship; I am in Michigan.
This bird was purchased as a chick from John Blehm. He has a nice pea comb and is filling out rapidly. All of our chickens are tame and eat from your hand. This boy is in the middle of the pecking order, still kind of a teenager. He is not aggressive to people at all. He is actually nicer than the silver one I am keeping, but I don't have any buff hens, just 3 silvers.

Here's another photo:
Wow! I feel really guilty getting him at such a great price. he will have a great home and has 5 sister wives all waiting for him! I will PM you about the shipping.
katy Lester

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