Buff Brahma kids: Gender?


11 Years
Jul 1, 2011
Saco, Maine
Here are my kids. I'm pretty sure I know what everyone is, but there are a couple that are throwing me off because of the way they have feathered in. I'm very interested to see of you all agree with my thoughts most of which I haven't shared:)

#1 6 weeks

#2 6 weeks

#3 6 weeks

#4 6 weeks

#5 5 weeks There's another of him with the next chick as well.

# 6 also 5 weeks

On the right here showing off her wonderful foot feathering

On the right here as well
#7 The youngest of the bunch 4 weeks old

Anybody have any guesses before I fall in love with a rooster and then have to sell him
. I can only swing keeping 2 roos.
For sure #1 and #5, are roos, on the fence about 6 but leaning roo, I think its too early on #7 if it is only 4 weeks in that photo.
#1 and #5 have been obvious roos since about day 3. Wish they were all that obvious! #6 has VERY female coloring and feathered in very quickly (had those feathers for about 2 weeks now), though, s/he does have a somewhat larger comb. Not as big as her brothers', though. #7, I keep going back and forth on. Seems to have both boy and girl characteristics. #3 was doing a really good job pretending to be a boy until about a week ago. Feathered in very slowly, still really has no tail. Feathers stayed very light, though, and the comb hasn't come in.
Above: Their mom and dad at about 7 weeks. If you look closely you can see that their mom was slow to feather. You can still see under fluff on her back.
Daddy below

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