Buff Brahma Pairs


11 Years
Jun 2, 2008
Salley SC
I have available several pairs of my 'Droid Chickens available. These will be Pick Up only. I would ship them, but they are almost as big as I am and it would probably cost a fortune to ship. They are Just starting to lay. $65.00 per pair.



Oh Man! I so wish I lived closer !! those are on my wish list.

Beautiful birds
Gary I got a mess of eggs from you that included RIR, Cochin and possibly some Buff Brahma. I do not have enough experience yet to tell the Brahma from the Cochin, but if there are a couple of Brahma would they be from this breeding?

BTW there was real decent fertility on the eggs but the hatch was very poor as there were a lot of cells that were loosey goosey to say the least. A lot started but did not finish. I hope I have a couple of those droids in the ones I hatched.

I am not being the least bit critical, the woes of high altitude hatching are well documented. For shipped eggs I was very happy

Thanks in advance
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Greathorse, you can tell the Brahmas from the cochins by looking at their combs.

The Cochins have a single comb whereas the Brahmas will have a pea comb. (Relatively speaking...the ones with the combs you can see are the ones that are Cochins.)
Thanks, that helps me a lot. Tells you how much I know about these breeds. I saw some pics of Gary's Cochin and a great deal on some eggs and got an assortment. I have no business having any of them as I will now need to build a pen when they grow out, but they were some awesome birds.

If there are a couple of those droids in this bunch that would be really cool as well.

Thanks again

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