Buff Columbian bantam cochin hen (split to mille fleur)

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  1. She is a year old in August. Good layer and very protective mother hen. Just raised her first clutch. She has good feathered feet but I have trimmed those feathers as well as her bottom feathers for breeding. She looks buff columbian but her sire was a mille fleur cochin, she just doesn't have the mass in her tail and body for what I'd like to breed. We are NPIP but haven't received the Colo # yet. Paypal only. Will need to work with the buyer for good temps at each location, we're pretty hot so for her safety I'd rather ship with temps back in 70s. Shipping can occur after July 18. I send watermelon or cantaloupe in the box for moisture.


    I also have a Barnevelder cockerel chick (see My Page for pics & info) and a black mottled bantam cochin cockerel available but no pics of mottled as yet....
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