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    Edit note: These have sold locally. I placed some cages in my front yard with a for sale sign on it. They bought all 5 Buff Cornish and one Buff drake.


    This is a pen of "Hatchery Quality" Buff Cornish Large Fowl hatched this spring by Ideal poultry Farm.

    This male is in nice condition. He has some size and structure to him. However, he has some white in his tail. This is the main reason we are selling him. The kids can not show him.

    Females: Type and color are great. There are 4 females, 3 are close to point of lay.

    When I ordered these, they were " packing peanuts" of sorts for some Buff Chanteclers. We were also considering a corinshXBuckeye meat cross. We have now decided not to cross the Buckeye. Friends talked us out of it. We have also hatched more Buckeyes than originally planned, so we need the room next spring for our other breeders. i.e.: Our Exhibition Buckeyes, Buff Orpingtons and show bantams.

    These will make someone a great starter flock or some nice pets. There is a reserve price that must be met.

    Shipping: We will consider shipping under these conditions. Buyer provides a USPS shipping box (Read sticky at https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=252070 to learn more) and buyer pays all shipping. Temps must be safe for birds to ship. We can accept payment now and board (for a small fee for feed only) until it is cooler.

    Call if you have any questions or post your questions on this thread.

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