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    Buff & Friends- Chapter 1- Getting Ready

    "Gotta get up. Mom'll be comin'. Chicken show. Ummph." Buff felt something pull at his tail. He opened one eye.
    "Hey! I gotta show with that tail, you know!" It was the youngsters of the flock.
    "Good morning poppa!" One cheeped. " You snore."
    "I do not." Buff chirped.
    "Sure you do. Your tail moves up and down when you sleep. It's funny." This was the most outspoken of the bunch. There were five in all, each one adorable and very fond of they're momma and poppa. Sometimes Beatrix the Cochin helped keep them warm, since Miss Banty had hatched them in the fall.
    Buff hopped off the perch and paid attention to his surroundings. Everyone else was up, exept for Snowflake the White Japanese Bantam. The Scots Dumpies were eating, Pete the Dorking was chatting to the Dorking girls, Buff's wife, Miss Banty, Beatrix, and Alice(Beatrix's sister) were all trying their best to gather up all the babies. Buff went over to the waterer. He dipped his beak in.
    "Ooh, cold!" Got water on my wattles again.He thought.
    At that moment Snowflake woke up, and immediatly began fretting over her feathers, legs, and other aspects of appearance, just bathed yesterday for the chicken show.
    "Och, ye ninny!" Bawked Elenor, a Scots Dumpy. "Mamee'll fix ye up went we git theer."
    "You're right." Snowflake sniffed. "But I have this one feather that just won't lay right whatever I do, and-"
    "Hush, lass. Here comes Mamee."
    In came the human of the house, all decked out in Carharts, with only her eyes visible.
    "Okay, babies. Let's load up!" She picked them up two at a time and placed them in carriers. Some were so exited that they flapped on the way in. On his way out under Mommy's arm, Buff saw the sunrise. What a sunrise! The bare trees, so gloomy on grey days, were backed with a wonderful combination a red and orange and yellow hues. It made him think of leftover strawberries, carrot juice and buttery toast all mushed together.
    Buff was glad the babies could come. It was their first show. They weren't old enough to be shown yet, but they would come along for the experience(Mom was bringing her own cage for 'em).
    Their carriers all got loaded up in the covered back of the truck, and they set off for a new experience. Buff saw Snowflake gulp. It was also the first time Mommy would be driving farther then 30 miles.

    What do you think Envirogirl12?
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    Buff and Friends-Chapter two: The Ride.
    Bump. Clatter. Oof. Brrrrraaaaaaaauuuuuukkkkkkk! A myriad of sounds comign from one little truck. Mom was glad she was in a separate part of it.
    Pete the Dorking and all the Dorking girls were in one carrier, all the Dumpies were in another, and Buff, Miss Banty, Snowflake, her husband Snowball, Alice and Beatrix the bantam Cochin ladies, and the babies were all in another. "I always liked Vivaldi, y'know. Pete piped up.
    "You do?" Mr Ferrars the Scots Dumpy asked. "I thought you like mendelssohn."
    "Oh, I do. Well, I s'pose I like all of them, really. Chaps put so much time and brains into writing all that stuff, it would be most dissappointing for noone t'like et. Don't you think, Buff?"
    "Oh? Oh yes, yes. Yup. Sirree, I like bald eagles, but I don't like medicine. Nope, nope, brown Nutridrench stuff all goes down slowly. I like to get a drink of water afterwards, don't you?" Everyone nodded and purred.
    "That's beside the point. We were talking about Vivaldi and Mendelssohn. Were you asleep or someting?"
    "No, you'd know if'n he was. He snores. Tell 'im. Daddy."
    " I do not."
    " You do, dear." Miss Banty said gently.
    "I never hear myself snore, and if you all can hear it, I can hear it, a-"
    "I'm bored!" The babies all complained.
    "Weel, no matter, 'cause we're theer!" Marriane the Scots Dumpy said. "Goot thing, to; I was gattin' a 'eadeache, all this pointless carryin' on, Buff snorin'..."
    "Ha!" Everyone giggled.
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    I like it! Very nice![​IMG]
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    Getting this more to the top-ish place where people see it.
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