Buff Laced Brahma, Gold Laced Brahma, Blue Isbar, Swedish Flower, Cream Legbar, Olandsk Dwarf Hatchi

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    Please email [email protected] with your request. I accept paypal only. Payment required to 'lock' in a shipping date!

    Buff Laced Brahma and Gold Laced Brahma eggs- $5 each
    Blue Isbar Eggs- $7 each
    Cream Legbar eggs- $7 each
    Olandsk Dwarf eggs- $6 each
    Swedish Flower eggs- $3 each

    All my Brahma stock is directly from Dan Powell. I have culled heavily and selected the best type and laced hens and roosters for my breeding stock. I have 5 Buff laced hens and 3 gold laced hens with 1 Buff laced rooster in one pen. The rooster carries the 'red enhancer' gene and is very dark with great lacing.

    All Blue Isbars, Cream Legbars, Swedish Flowers, Olandsk Dwarfs are directly from Greenfire Farms.

    I only ship in the US via USPS Priority mail on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Shipping is $18 for up to 24 eggs.

    You will get as many extras as they lay! I will bubble wrap each egg and pack safely into a small box with lots of peanuts, this box is then placed in a larger box with padding. I ship directly at the post office. I cannot control how USPS handles the box and cannot control how your incubator works. Eggs may candle clear due to postal handling, this does not mean they are infertile. We have been test hatching these eggs for months and they are fertile. I do not replace or refund hatching eggs due to postal mishaps...if you do not agree to these terms and want guaranteed chicks, then please buy chicks! Yes, we ship chicks and juveniles.

    We are Texas registered and PT tested negative under NPIP and will include our certificate with packing.


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