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Ok...here's the "equation":

I have: wc black frizzle polish rooster
I want: buff laced frizzle offspring

How do I go about using this rooster to EVENTUALLY get buff laced Polish? According to the genetics calculator, if I breed my black frizzle rooster to a buff laced smooth hens (which I would have to buy), I will get all white chicks of both feather types. Then breed those white frizzle cockerels back to my smooth buff laced hens to get buff laced of both feather types. And therein is my beginning flock. Does this sound right? Is there any other alternative matings?
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It would take a bit longer to get the rigth lacing back using a WCB roo. It would be much easier to use a Buff laced roo, even if he is smoothed feathered I guess. Or a frizzled or smooth golden Laced roo would be another good choice. And even a Silver laced roo would be better than using a WCB as far as the lacing pattern goes.
WCB are never a good choice, it would take a long time to get the lacing to breed true again, to get rid of the white crest, to get the beards breeding true again, and also to keep the dominant white in at the same time.

Silver Laced and Gold Laced are a good option, the only difference with them and Buff Laced is the dominant white genes, and with silver laced, the silver gene of course.
Thanks for the advice. Even though I do know about the difficulties with breeding black birds, I didn't even factor that into this mating. Silly me.
I just want buff laced FRIZZLE bantam Polish...so my focus was on the frizzle part. I have my wc black frizzle rooster for sale, but I REALLY like him and was trying to find another variety to use him in. I'm getting bored with the black and cuckoo.
Do you have an Ameraucana or EE available? . . . Get a couple frizzled EE eggs out of him before he goes.
I love Polish x Ameraucanas, and they lay some very pretty sky blue eggs.
I've got PLENTY of EEs and a couple of BWA girls...they free range already with a frizzle Cochin rooster. I sell frizzle EE eggs from that group. I'm not sure if my little Polish roo can cover those standard hens...he's quite small compared to my frizzle Cochin roo. Plus, I think those standard girls would totally kick his behind.
Why don't you just look for eggs or chicks? We have 5 BL Frizzle girls. Gorgeous things.
Because I REALLY like my wcb frizzle rooster and I guess I'm searching for a good enough reason to keep him. If I can find another variety that I can use him with, then I won't sell him. The wcb are gorgeous, too...but I've become bored with them. I've been breeding wcb and wc cuckoo for a while...and I'm searching for something new.
Also, all of the BL frizzle eggs I've seen are out of my price range most of the time.
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Yes, we do sell them, however they aren't laying right now. We can put you on the waiting list, though.

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