Buff Laced Polish Chick 3 WKS & Quail D'anver Chick Duo FREE PGH area

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    Oct 6, 2009
    S.W Pennsylvania
    I have a Buff Laced standard Polish chick who is pet quality & shy but sweet,
    and her hatch mate is a quail D'anver who is very friendly & spunky.
    As they're best friends, they're to go to the same home.

    I suspect the Polish is a pullet, because she runs instead of sparring
    with my bantam Ameraucana chicks of the same age.
    She goes passive when you pick her up also.

    The quail D'anver is a cockerel. He's a quarter her size.
    He has been sneaking out of the brooder cage & following me aout of the room.
    He likes to be held.

    I CANNOT SHIP the chicks, sorry,

    but local pickup is fine, or I can drive up to an hour to meet.
    Here's the same pic of the Polish but larger:

    My internet connection is not uploading pictures well,
    but I can email a pic of the D'anver to whomever is interested.

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