Buff Laced Polish Chick 3 WKS w/ quail D'anver chick-duo -FREE- PGH

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    Oct 6, 2009
    S.W Pennsylvania
    I have a Buff Laced Polish who's shy & beautiful, and a hatch-mate who's a little Belgian Quail D'anver, 3 wks also, very friendly.
    The chicks were hatched from a hobbyist breeder's eggs. and the Polish chick has slight skull vaulting, so is PQ only. Very pretty anyway.
    I'm thinking she's a pullet, based on behavior, but could be wrong.
    The D'anver maybe breeding quality, and is a boy.

    They go together, as they are best friends.

    Can pickup locally north of Pittsburgh, or I will drive up to an hour to meet.

    Here's a larger pic of the Polish

    Ican email a pic of the D'anver on request.

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