Buff Laced Polish hen has infected and crusty looking eye


Jan 26, 2020
Hi all! So on top of having a road island with a respiratory issue, one of my buff laced polish hens has something going on with her eye. I’m not sure if it’s due to a crest feather getting stuck in there, or if it’s because of something else. I put her crest up in a pony tail this afternoon, and I noticed her right eye has some yellow colored hard crust on it. Half of her eye is sealed shut because of it. Hey I just wanted you know Is this normal for polish chickens with large crests? Any advice on how to get the hard stuff removed? The first two pictures I’m sending are of the infected eye, the last image is of her “normal” eye which usually only half opens due to the weight of her crest.


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It’s all good! I finally found a home remedy online that I can make into drops for her eye. When I went back out to check on her, a lot of the hard crust was gone, and her eye was all watery. I think she may have scratched it off on her own while trying to get the pony tail I put in her crest out (she’s not a huge fan of pony tails)
You can clean her eyes with saline eye wash and then apply some Terramycin eye ointment or plain Neosporin ointment twice daily. She might have been pecked in her eye, but watch for any respiratory symptoms such as sneezing, rattly breathing, or gasping.
Most watery inflamed eyes can indicate a respiratory disease. Just keep note that most respiratory diseases of chickens can not be cured. Antibiotics may help with symptoms, but it’ll never go away. Birds will remain carriers for life and spread the disease to healthy chickens. MG is a concern and can spread thru the egg onto the offspring, making the chicks sick and carriers for life as well.

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