buff Orp..boy or girl


Sep 4, 2013
Portsmouth uk

Is this a girl or boy..she ? is about 20 weeks , I got two and she is much bigger than the other one and when they front up to each other all the neck feathers come up but they don't on the other one.....I cant have a cockerel as I live in Portsmouth and its not allowed. Help!
I'm pretty sure that he/she is a pullet. The comb and wattles are red and large enough that if its a pullet, she should be laying soon.Could you get a side profile picture so that we can see the feathers near her tail and body shape?
Judging from the photo, she looks like a pullet. From what I can tell, the hackles aren't particularly thin or pointed, and the comb/wattle development is typical of a ready-to-lay pullet. Also, the buff coloring is pretty even and light; a cockerel's coloring would be darker and more blotchy. However, just to be sure, could you get a side-profile photo?
Orps I my specialties - both look like pullets. The comb/wattles don't look big enough or red enough - my orp roo had a 4 inch long comb by 20 weeks and brighter than a cherry.

these were when they were younger, not much good are they....il get some more.
Both look to be pullets.
"She" looks just like my 10 week old Buff. My breeder says she's a she so that's what I'm going with. Has she started getting shiny golden feathers yet? One or two shades darker than the others. My girl is the friendliest of them all.
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Well that's a huge relief!! Emma chicken wont have to be renamed Eric! She has got a lot of shiny ginger feathers coming through, I bought both girls at the same time at 12 weeks, they were more or less the same size but now she is loads bigger than Gladys (Emmanuel,open all hours). I also have a totally off her trolley White Leghorn called Joan and used to have a blue called Ralene, but when I got the Buffs she turned into Psycho chicken from hell and I had to re home her. I started with ex batts to get in the groove but always wanted Buffs, I fell in love with them the first time I went to a chicken farm with a friend,but knew I would have to work up to them. I would have liked four chicken but I think I will have to settle for the three as they are all getting on and I don't want another Ralene situation.

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