Buff Orp. or Easter Eggr? 4-6 months, hen or roo (PLEASE say hen)??


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We were not given much info on this chicken. But we were told that it was a pullet, and that she was 3-5 months (that was on Sep 1). Lately "she" has been on top of the hen house, often, and I've noticed "her" climbing on a couple of my banty hens lately. I don't know if she's just trying to climb the ranks of the pecking order, or doing something else. She's not very red in the comb or wattles, as I read that others usually see by this time. But because we don't know much about her, (or about chickens for that matter), I'm coming to ya'll for advice. Her mom is a buff orp, (whom we also have) I don't know what the dad was, (she's alot darker than her mom though, and stands alot taller)...




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You want the good news or the bad news first?

Good news:
You weren't lied to.

Bad news:
You weren't lied to on purpose.

It's an Easter Egger and by those pointy saddle feathers, I am going to say young cockerel.
It almost looks in the one picture that it has saddle feathers developing which would mean roo. It's also not an orp....wrong color legs and wrong comb type.....maybe an EE.
OMG!!! So it's not possible that the Buff orp hen that we have is his/her mom?! When we got it as a chick it was a bit smaller, but "he's" always hung around my BO and under her wing and all.

Oh my gosh... I don't know what to say.

This a pic from when we first got them Aug 9. So almost 2 mos ago. I knew something was weird about her feathering, even then....

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hubby is not gonna be happy bout this one....

Why doesn't she have comb/wattle development by now? I thought they developed early in roos??
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No its organic feed from Countryside Natural , why does something look wrong with it?

We're newbies, and didn't know what to get, we just told them the ages of our chickens, and that's what they said we needed, lol. But it definitely has more than just corn in it...
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