Buff Orp Roosters in Central NY -- FREE -- Pickup only


In the Brooder
10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Central NY
Free to a home where they won't be eaten. I have five, although one may be spoken for. They're 10 weeks old and free for pickup. They all get along well and all are nice chickens. None are aggressive. They like each other, don't squabble and also like the five pullets that are in with them.

My favorite, Alice Cooper. He's VERY nice. He may have a home, but if not, he'll need one, too.


Scruffy, so named because he feathered last and looked awful for a long time. He's quite handsome now.


Horace, who after Alice is the biggest. He's a stately gentleman.


Donald, who is very curious and goofy. He's always into something and likes to pull on my clothes.


Alfie, the smallest.


If anyone wants some great guys, please send me a message. I'm willing to drive to meet someone halfway up to 2 hours to get these guys a home. They're all hand-raised and friendly.
Im in the same boat with my own BO roo's! Im in Upstate too! Hope your beautiful birds find a good home:)

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