buff orp w/ white earlobes/lice?

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    Jan 24, 2011
    My year + buff orp, merigold, has had a really dirty bum for the last several days, so this morning I gave her a bath. While I didn't see any lice, I did see some white clusters near the base of some of her feathers and will get a sevin dust bath ready for the flock. after the bath (I had to clip feathers to get the poo off - a lot was stuck to the base of her feathers), as I was drying her, I noticed that the inside of her earlobes looked white and almost cottony. the texture wasn't different, and nothing came off w/ a gentle rubbing w/ a dry and wet q-tip. While I admit that I've never really inspected her earlobes before (she isn't my tamest hen), I was a little concerned.
    I have 3 hens- 10 mo black star and araucana - neither of them have dirty bums or white in their earlobes. Their coop is 4.5 x 6ish, deep bedding w/ straw. All eating well, active, etc. Our weather has been really damp lately- I spread new straw in their run this AM before her bath.

    I have a photo, but am a new member and can't post it.

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