Buff Orphington Hen Crossed With Brown Sussex Rooster

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    Does anyone have a picture of what the chickens may look like? My Buff is sitting on eggs and some are the Buff/Brown Sussex cross and some are pure Brown Sussex. A funny time for her to decide to brood I think but she did. I just recently about 3 weeks ago got my chickens into a better pen and I let them go out to forage every afternoon. Maybe that is why she decided to brood on some eggs now with the much more suitable condition with more room and more nests.
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    Here is an easy genitics calculater. http://www.breedbook.org/?action=geneticscalculator&tab=CHICKEN

    I belive you will get the wheaten male with more glod coloring, and a female with more gold coloring.
    Anyone with more experience in genetics correct me?

    If she is in an area where the other hens still have access to her nest I would mark her eggs if you are going to let her hatch. She will take any eggs that the other hens lay and they will be a different hatch date and likely not survive.

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