Buff Orpington Bantam Roo with Silkie Feathers

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    My Roo is two years old. I have noticed that is feathers look like a Silkie chickens, and this is not normal for him. He isn't acting normal. He is eating and drinking. However, he does not crow much anymore. He is not chasing his girls around like he usually does. His comb is bright red, and looks normal but maybe a little darker than usual. He seems a little skinny. We recently switched from flock raiser to layer feed for the girls, and he eats it with them. It has been raining a lot here but prior to that it was very warm and dry. So much so that we had to spray our poultry to cool them off. It was when we were misting them that his feathers started to change texture. I looked for mites and lice but didn't see anything. He is not coughing and his eyes and nose are clear. There is something wrong but for the life of me I can't figure it out. Help.

    Edited to say: My son said it best, "it's like he is slow".
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