Buff Orpington, Buff Rocks Wing Feathers


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7 Years
Jul 7, 2012
I have Several Buff Orpington, and Buff Rock Chicks. Not sure which is which yet...still learning
The question I have is: Do Buff Orpingtons wing feathers develop faster than the Buff Rocks. One of these two breeds have developed really nice wing and tail feathers, and the other's wing feathers are developing, but MUCH more slowly, compared to the first. Please help.... I just want to make sure they are ok. I was guaranteed all hens, and have also learned that Roo's develop more slowly...if so i have to contact the hatchery to let them know they sent me Roo's and I am supposed to have all hens! And the suprise chick (Golden Laced Polish) is developing wonderfully!

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