Buff Orpington hen or roo?


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Apr 28, 2013
Hen or roo? "She" (hopefully!) is 18 weeks old. But I think she is older then all the other chicks I got because she has always been bigger. There is a difference between her and the other buff Orpington.. Any help will greatly appreciated!



My other buff Orpington
Definitely a Buff Orpington pullet. The fact that her comb is big and red at this age means that she is maturing faster than the other hens, and should begin laying soon.
How can everyone tell that it is a pullet without checking the back tail feathers? Just curious because I have Buffs :)
This is what makes me think its a pullet:

1. The comb and wattles are not overly developed for a 18 week old pullet. A cockerel would have an obviously larger, thicker comb at this point.
2. The hackle (neck) feathers that I can see are not particularly shiny or pointed; both of which would be cockerel characteristics.
3. The shape of the head is not cockerel-like. At least in my opinion, cockerels almost always have a harsher glare in their eyes, and a more masculine head (longer beak, less plump head, etc.).

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