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Buff Orpington/Laced Wynadot Crosses?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Thiriel, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Thiriel

    Thiriel In the Brooder


    I've just recently gotten into chickens, don't have my own flock just yet, but planning for the future and one of the questions I had was what crossed looked like.

    I know that I am planning on getting a few hens to start, but I was planning (after I convince my boyfriend) of maybe getting a rooster, as I plan to free-range as much as possible and I would appreciate a hen guard that is guaranteed not to eat them (such as a dog).

    And also because I plan hatch my own chicks, as the breeds I want are somewhat difficult to find in my area of New Brunswick (the only hatchery that will deliver even close to where I live will cost at least $100 even before the birds for shipping to Bangor (a three hour drive away) and health certificate to get them across the border and then drive three hours back, alternative appreciated!), and since I plan to raise a few of them for the table, I've thinking of breeding for my own use.

    That brought up the thought of crosses, as I am planning on getting Buff Orpintions and silver-laced Wyandotes (maybe a gold-laced, as they are also pretty). But I only want one rooster, so I wanted to know if anyone has any pictures of those crosses.

    I'm been reading up on chicken genetics, but that flew so far over my head it buzzed the ISS. All I know for sure is that there are some genes that a one parent only passes on to one sex of its offspring and some that are dominant, etc.

    Then I remembered that there are awesome people like you on this site and that a few of you might even have photos! I know my final chose will probably be decided by the personality of the rooster, but would be nice to see what the babies look like if it comes down to choosing between the two.

    Thank you!

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