Buff Orpington, Male or Female? (pic heavy)


12 Years
Sep 5, 2010
This is my favorite chicken out of them all, it's super loving and has a beautiful golden shine to its feathers. I have no idea about tail feathers, saddle feathers, etc so I have no idea how to sex chickens. I got this one along with 3 of its siblings from a local breeder when they were a week old and she said I would have to wait to sex them. 3 survived and I'm almost positive the other 2 are girls but this one I'm not sure about. They all look identical but this one is just sooo much prettier then the other 2 so I thought I would ask my fellow BYCs to help me with it. Is it a male or female? It's about 7 weeks old now. Also is it show quality?






If I was a bettin' woman, I would bet male.

Waddles are big and turning pinky/red...

My Buff Orp didn't show any waddle or comb growth or color until around 15-17 weeks. She's a girl!

I don't know about showing... sorry.
I'm sure someone else will chime in.


Edited to say: Great Pictures!!
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I'm throwing a vote out for roo, too. My BO pullets (much older than 7 weeks... more like 17 weeks) are JUST NOW barely turning pinker and getting very, very small wattles. I don't even think their combs are that big YET, either... so, I vote roo.

The saddle feathers, if it's a roo, will still take a bit longer to come in... but watch for those skinnier, pointed saddle feathers...

No clue on what to look for, show quality wise, in a 7 week old. I would guess that it would take longer than 7 weeks to determine if the bird matures to a very good representation of the BO standard or not.
Oh no. I was thinking roo as well but hoping for a hen. That means I can't keep him.
It figures that my favorite would be a roo. I live in town and have to keep only females.

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